"English for Fine Arts Studies" is an ESP textbook designed primarily for advanced learners of the English language studying at tertiary level, who may be following studies in music, film, the visual arts, drama & performance arts, or any other course of study in which Fine Arts form a part. Working through the material the students will hopefully get a solid grasp of the specialized language of their area of interest, and thus find their way through this "dense verbal smog" that is essential for a deeper understanding of the Fine Arts. The material may also appeal in general to anyone who is interested in the Fine Arts and would like to engage with the texts in an exciting and challenging way. [...] (From the publisher) Understanding theory What is art? Music Drama, theatre and performance Film Greece and the Greek world The Baroque Era The nature of Realism Visual elements Paints and paintings Sculpture Printmaking New Media Art Performance spaces Scenography Comedy Devising Shakespeare: The Basics The shots and angles Light and dark Editing The avant-garde / Genre films Who is an orchestra? Bach / Handel Mozart / Beethoven What is Jazz? Art reviews and commentaries Art reviews I Art reviews II Theatre reviews Music reviews Film reviews Appendix Bibliography Key to exercises

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ISBN: 978-960-12-2151-9
BarCode: 9789601221519
Εκδότης: University Studio Press
Ημερομηνία Έκδοσης: 10-2013
Εξώφυλλο: Μαλακό εξώφυλλο
Σελίδες: 324
Δραστηριότητα: Ξενόγλωσσα
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